Size Charts

Easily find the correct size for all Glamory Products:

The right size for Glamory products can be found by combining your body size and your weight. The once determined size applies to all Glamory products:

My size is between two sizes:

For an optimal fit of your hosiery, we recommend to choose the larger size in case of doubt. Nothing is worse than too tight waistband or ribbons. Order the next size and enjoy good wearing comfort

How is the fit?

Our legwear offer a comfortable fit and therefore a very comfortable wearing feeling. All pantyhose are equipped with an extra wide panty and thigh area. All stockings offer an optimal, perfect fit at the legs. Partly equipted with double silicone strips for secure.

How to put on legwear correctly?

Strength is born of calmness.

  1.  Start gather the tights / stockings up to the toe. Place each foot inside at the toe.
  2. Pull it slowly with equal pressure over the outstretched foot up to the knee. Meanwhile the feet are firmly on the ground.
  3.  Pull the tights / stockings over the thighs and hips evenly up to the waist.

You can also find the "How to put on legwear" guide in every Glamory product package.