About us

We create modern hosiery in plus sizes using the latest materials and technologies.

Who we are & what we do

A few years ago, German fashion entrepreneurs Sven Bork and Dennis Hoffert discovered an injustice. They noticed that curvy women were not able to buy elegant, high-quality hosiery just because they wore large sizes. So they decided to do something about it.

In 2011, the duo joined forces to create the Glamory brand, focusing entirely on plus-size hosiery.

'We want to offer our customers the perfect leg fashion for every occasion' - CEO Sven Bork

Glamory's mission is to create elegant "My Size" hosiery for fashion-conscious women and men. In addition, to offer high quality and comfort in a fantastic look and at fair prices.

Beautiful legs, fashionable cuts and a perfect fit is possible for everyone, even those who wear a large size.

In collaboration with renowned designers, Glamory continuously develops practical and elegant styles for a perfect day, as well as seductive, glamorous designs for stylish nights.

The "My Size" collection is particularly popular with customers. It includes high-quality basics such as pantyhose, stockings, suspender stockings and leggings in various designs, colours and sizes.

The success on the market owes Glamory among other things through Innovations like the men's hosiery collection "For Men". Comfortable basics up to size 4XL, perfectly adapted to the male anatomy.

Customer satisfaction stands in the Centre of the success of our company. „We work constantly to improve our products„, sais Dennis Hoffert, and „we are always pleased to hear from our customers Listening to 'proposals.“

Glamory Styles are made from a refined blend of materials, are subject to the strict Environmental standards and certified by independent experts.

Today, the Glamory brand is expanding on all continents with one goal in mind: to provide fashionable, qualitativ hochwertige high quality hosiery for fabulous women and men everywhere.

We wish you much pleasure with products from Glamory.

Sven Bork & Dennis Hoffert

Best Hosiery Award - Glamory


„With beautiful luxury legwear available up to a size 5XL/32,
Glamory Hosiery should be much more popular than it is.
Glamory is one of the few (if not the only) brand answering
a long neglected niche in the hosiery market, and with better,
more cohesive branding, they could completely dominate this.“


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