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Welcome to Glamory.

Discover comfortable hosiery fashion in your size - without compromise.

Perfect Fit for Every Size – The Glamory Approach

At Glamory, ensuring the perfect fit is at the core of our values. Our range of hosiery is designed and crafted for individuals of all sizes, ranging from Medium (EU 40) to Plus Size 4XL (EU 62) for both women and men. Our primary objective is to offer stockings and tights that fit flawlessly, regardless of size. A significant source of pride for us lies in our latest innovation: the Glamory "Supersize" Tights. These remarkable tights are available within our My Size collection, featuring a waist circumference of up to 285 cm (112 inches) and a hip measurement of up to 300 cm (118 inches). This achievement positions them as the largest sheer tights worldwide.

Explore the remarkable diversity of sizes within our collection and relish in the unparalleled comfort and impeccable fit that defines Glamory hosiery.


Glamory – My Size

Glamory presents an exclusive collection designed for curvaceous women. Experience the fusion of timeless and contemporary hosiery, meticulously tailored to complement your unique shape. Introducing our latest offerings: the Glamory "Supersize" Tights available up to size 10XL (EU 86) and the captivating Funny Stay-ups for Curves. With these exceptional products, you can effortlessly showcase your legs with a touch of fashionable flair.

Unveil a world of possibilities as you explore Glamory's curated selection, crafted to celebrate your individuality and accentuate your style.

Glamory – For Men

Glamory introduces a versatile range of hosiery designed exclusively for men. Experience the seamless blend of athleticism and sophistication, all meticulously crafted to align with the male anatomy. Available in sizes ranging from Medium (EU 40) to Plus Size 4XL (EU 62), our products offer an unparalleled fit for gentlemen of all sizes.

Discover our "Support" line, boasting Compression Class 1 technology that not only offers impeccable style but also provides revitalization for your legs.

Elevate your legwear game with Glamory, where style meets function in perfect harmony.



Join the Glamory Movement – Elevate Your Store's Offerings!
Are you interested in featuring Glamory products in your specialized boutique or online shop?

This opportunity comes packed with exceptional advantages:

  • Comprehensive NOS (Never Out of Stock) collection of plus-size hosiery: Discover a diverse range, including stockings, hold-ups, garter stockings, extra-wide knee socks (up to shoe size 46), and leggings
  • Enjoy consistently high product availability, eliminating the hassle of backorders
  • No minimum order value required, with a sales unit of just 3 pairs (size/color)
  • Orders placed before 2:00 PM are processed on the same day, ensuring prompt service (Provided that payment has been received)
  • Connect with our dedicated phone support (Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM)
  • Access our Mediacenter, which boasts top-quality images, videos, editorials, tutorials, and sizing assistance

Join hands with Glamory and unlock a world of opportunities, where quality and convenience converge to redefine your offerings.

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Welcome to Glamory. We're excited to collaborate with you.

Do you need images, videos or detailed information?
Please contact our customer service. We will then send you the access link to our media centre where you can access the download area with all available data. Before using the data, please read the "Glamory Brand and Sales Policies" carefully to ensure that you comply with the guidelines for the use of our brand.

Need product or size advice?
Our customer service team will be happy to advise you by phone or email.

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